I'm a little disappointed with Pop culture lately.

Who isn't? Have you seen what is out there? Music seems to be at an all time low. Who can remember back in the day when great guitar playing was hip? It seemed like yesturday that Slash did that aweseome guitar solo for 'November Rain.'

Well, I can finally say that movies have actually gotten better. There are better special effects with the use of the latest in technology. We can dream up bigger and better stuff. However, I noticed that alot of the story lines are still from the past.

I just came back from seeing Spider Man 3.

Another blast from the past but I can actually say that this movie was quite good. I thought it would be more of the same old with new villians, new toys for the superhero and who can leave out a damsel in distress. Not to mention a little bit of romance and action all rolled up in one.

But Spidey 3 had all these and really great biblical themes on reconciliation, forgiveness, peace, brokeness, vengance, etc. It has got my stamp of approval. I also recall Superman. Funny, how Superman gave his life to save the world and than was raised from the dead.

I kinda like these new movies! The subtly tell about a timeless message. Go and see for yourself.

Mr. Bilson