1. I've started volunteering with the Conservative Party of Canada... currently helping with Alice Wong's campaign for MP. Interesting enough.

2. Discovered Steveston this week. Went with Mia on Monday and walked around everywhere and had delicious bubble tea and fried chicken that the lady decided to make for us cuz she likes Mia so much. Then I went again on Tuesday by myself to Garry Point, walked along the beach, sat on a big rock and studied the horizon, read my Bible, contemplated my currently aimless life, ate fish and chips, topped it all off with more bubble tea.

3. Went out to Metrotown with Sim and Divya on Wednesday. Had Nando's chicken, cotton candy, and of course, more bubble tea. More to tell on that episode, but I'll leave that to Sim if she chooses to...

4. Today, I went to UBC to collect grad tickets. I haven't rented the gown yet and it's past the deadline, I think they have some last minute option so hopefully that will work out cuz Appachan is coming all the way from Dallas to watch me graduate.

5. I don't really want to attend the ceremony or wear a gown or take pictures or anything. In fact I really could careless. I've spent five years getting a BA that's equipped me to do nothing really. And now, everyone keeps going on and on about a master's. (Now, don't give me the "I told you so--that Arts degrees are useless" comments or looks or anything...feel free to wallow in your satisfaction without including me...and for the record, I can't see myself to have done anything else.)

6. All of that aside. God has been good. I've been spending time in prayer and the Word and I know that God Almighty is directing my every step and all I can do right now is trust Him to lead. He knows every desire of my heart and what is best for me.

7. "Are the things you're living for, worth Christ dying for?"