I don't really like the concept and made fun of these online sites. But yeah, I put myself up on just for curiousity and who knows? I was searching through this site and I am seeing mostly fobbish guys. Well...with a name like what can I expect? I did see one or two interesting guys (that is non-fobs); and if they asked me, I wouldn't mind going out on a date with. But, then again this is the internet so I better watch my back.

    * Writing my novel. I am trying to get started on this. I am finishing the first chapter. This is something I always wanted to do. It is coming out well. I am getting inspired and my creative fuel is just keeping me going. I hope to finish at least 3 chapters and then find a publisher. I found out from a reliable person that it is bad idea to write the whole novel first and then look for a publisher. Sometime back, I went to a Christian writers conference and got a ton of information. There is so much to think about.

    * Starting a Writers/Theatre Small Group. I am still praying and thinking about it. I am hoping for at least a nucleus or at least 2-3 people who will help me out with it. Basically, its a small group but we'll be sharing writing, talk about it and Bible studies. On top of that many short stories can be adapted into plays. So, I was thinking those who have the gift of writing could write the plays and we could perform it in church. There are others who like to act or be in front of others. This would be a good evagelistic tool. I also had ideas about Poetry nights etc... but it all depends on who's interested. And I hope it grows from there. But, it's all in God's hands for now.

    * CBC Conference. I am pumped for it. I need a spiritual filling and asking God for direction. This conference seems arranged differently from the past. I am going to the Pastors stream.

    * Job interview and Teaching: I have a job interview tommorow with the Beaverton School District. I applied as a substitute for the 2007-08 year. I am hoping the interview goes well and that I get my foot in the door. I am hoping to get a job at one of their schools later when I finish college. It's weird to think that I'll be teaching in two years time. Sometimes, I wonder if I can do it. Then again, this is America and I am not married, have kids or a family responsibilites of that type so I can do something else instead. Once I get my teaching certification, I would rather move out of America and teach elsewhere or in a Christian school. Not like its easier or anything but I'm seeing those who turned away from God grew up in a Christian enviroment and never felt their beliefs were challenged enough. But, only God knows what the next step is.

    * Going Overseas: I am thinking of teaching in Dubai in an international school or an American school in Dubai. I still have family and famiyl friends there so I won't be really too alone. Or another idea is a Christian school elsewhere. Anyways, there are so many possibilities. Yes, I did consider moving to New York to teach and help out with a church plant from CBC but the NY public school system sucks. It's hard working there. Unless I get a job in a private school, I may not go. Yeah, so many opportunities and options exist and I come up with my crazy ideas from time to time. Ultimately, the best thing is to give it to God and ask Him where I should go?

    * Enjoying the Ride of Life - yes there will be bumpy roads and certain moments. But, it is not about the destination but the journey. How many times have we thought about what's ahead that we forget what lays in front of us? Life is good no matter what.

Indu Shanmugam