Mom and I returned to the US on September 11 after spending 6 weeks in India. This past weekend we were invited to Chicago to minister at the International Pentecostal Assembly Convention.

The trip to Chicago was awesome. God moved in mighty ways. We arrived there on Thursday evening. We went to Mercy Aunty and Uncle's home for a late dinner. There, they had two friends over. As we began to share with them all that the Lord has been doing, the two women were deeply moved and inspired to move more in the POWER of God. Also, one of the women had severe arthritis (along with several other problems). We prayed for the arthritis. She had extreme pain in her thumb and had not been able to move it before we arrived for dinner. After prayer, the pain left and she was able to move it without any trouble! The other woman had a blood clot in one arm. She had had it for many years and it occasionally caused her hand to go numb. We prayed and you could feel the blood clot shrinking. It was really cool.

The next morning, Mercy Aunty brought several of her friends to the hotel room for lunch. We prayed with them for their various needs. One lady had arthritis in her hip and leg and had come in limping. We prayed until the pain went away. As she was leaving, she stopped and pointed out to us, "I came limping. Look, I am not limping any more."

That evening was the first service. As we were waiting in the lobby I spotted one of the girls who had been at the meeting we had held at the PCNAK convention in July. I immediately went up to her and started talking to her, calling her by her name. I think she was a little shocked, but I could see the joy in her eyes that I actually remembered her name.

I was having a hard time deciding what message to share. I felt the Lord telling me to share about Mathew 6:33 - Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you. But, I wanted to share a more dynamic message :o) But during the song service, the songs the worship team sang were a confirmation to me that the Lord wanted me to share about seeking Him first and recommitting our lives to Him. So, I did. I had a general idea of what I was going to share. But, it was amazing. He gave me the words to speak. After the service there wasn't much time to pray…they needed to close the building. But, as we were leaving a young girl named Sveta came up to me and said she wanted prayer. I asked her if she had the Holy Spirit. She said she didn't, but she wanted Him. So we prayed and within minutes, she was speaking in tongues, and tears just rolled down her cheeks as she felt the Lord's presence. Then we went outside and began praying outside the church for various people and their needs. We prayed for a couple from Delhi and they both received the Holy Spirit and started speaking in tongues. We also prayed for the Pastor's younger son and he began to speak in tongues. God is good.

The next day, the 3:30 service was supposed to be our big service. It was supposed to be a revival meeting. I shared a message on the Power of God and seeing that power work in our lives. It was mostly young people at that meeting, but not exclusively. Many many young girls and boys received the Holy Spirit, as well as a few older ones :o) The power of God was so strong, they were just weeping and feeling God's presence all over them. I also prayed for each one who wanted an impartation of power. Many were touched, some were slain in the spirit. Afterwards, when I prayed for the young girls who had just received the Holy Spirit to also receive power, one by one each of the girls feel back under the power of God. It was an awesome site to see young girls just soaking in His presence. I also had the opportunity to pray for a lady with a severe migraine problem. I can't forget the look of astonishment on her face as the pain left! Another lady had arthritis in her knees, a sinus problem and cataracts on her eye. As we prayed for her, the pain in the knees was gone and her sinuses felt better. Then we prayed for her eyes and she felt the cloudiness leave from in front of her eyes! God began to heal her eyes as well. The girls who had just received the Holy Spirit helped me pray for others.

That night I shared on the promises of God and claiming those promises in our lives. Afterwards, we prayed for many people. I can't even remember all of the needs. Mom prayed for several people who received the Holy Spirit. We prayed for a man who had a breathing problem. His windpipe was narrow and the doctors said he might need surgery. He had sleep apnea and snored a lot at night. The next day his wife told me he didn't snore at all at night and he felt MUCH better. We prayed for a girl, Sara, who had lost her voice. As we prayed, her voice began to return. We prayed for a little girl, Lisa, who had a cold and bad vision. Her cold went away as we prayed and her vision began to get better and better. We also prayed for some women with various pains and those pains went away. The Lord gave me some prophecies for various ones and they began to weep as the Lord began to speak to them. Later I was told that Malayalee people generally don't come forward for prayer like they had the previous two nights...obviously God was doing something in them!

After the Saturday evening meeting, they decided to hold an extra meeting on Sunday night. Also, a pastor from Dallas invited us to go out to Dallas for meetings.

At the Sunday morning service I shared a new message God had been putting on my heart about the call of God on our lives. Before the message, one of the young girls who had received the Holy Spirit on Saturday told me she wanted to help pray afterwards. We prayed for various needs and God began to move. One woman had an eye problem and God began to heal that. Another man had a knee problem and God began to heal the pain. A few more girls were filled with the Holy Spirit. Lots happened to the Glory of God.

After the morning service, we went to a Nursing Home and prayed for a lady there.

Before the evening service, we prayed for several people with a variety of needs. I shared on the story of The Giving Tree. I shared four basic principles from the story: (1) God is always there for us; (2) God longs to commune with us; (3) God will supply all our needs and; (4) God loves us. We had to leave in the middle of the evening service (in order to catch our flight), so after I was done talking, I did a mass prayer for everyone and left.

It was a blessed weekend. Mom and I were so thankful that we had this opportunity to minister.

Please pray for the International Pentecostal Assembly (the church that sponsored the convention). The church has such a heart for God, His people and His work. The pastor of the church is one of the kindest pastors I have met.

We will be going to Yuba City, California for meetings this weekend. I am sharing during the Convention on Saturday night. Please pray for us.