1. So, it says Saturday up there at the title, but it's just really late Friday night. My blogging has become less frequent than before I suppose. And I guess it makes sense because usually it serves as a sort of stress-release/ venting sort of activity and since my life has become so much less chaotic than a few weeks ago (comparatively speaking), it just so happens that I blog less... and since I have no papers to write, I'm not on the computer very much either.

2. So what has life been like? Well, overall, very good. I have been keeping busy even without school. Working a lot more now. Prepping for WPC with scheduling, worship practice, etc. Volunteering with Alice Wong's campaign for MP. Still leading worship and teaching at Kerala Fellowship. Attending the Tuesday Bible Study at PMC house. Praying--a lot. Waiting on God for direction.

3. In other news, I was taking a family from Seattle around Vancouver. We had gone to Granville Island and were on our way over to the Robson area when I was rear-ended by a tow truck which left the trunk of the van all caved in. About $2000+ in damage. Wasn't my fault so everything should work out okay. After being hit and dealing with all of that mess, we continued onwards to Robson anyway. But somewhere in between I managed to get lost and found myself driving along E. Hastings in Vancouver which is a street that I've only heard of and never actually been on until that point. It was interesting to say the least. Even the Seattle folk were taken aback by the number of homeless people, shut-down businesses, drug dealing and other sketchy activities, and just the miserable overall condition. Just driving through the place was kinda scary and I was so glad I wasn't there all by myself.

4. Was reading my Bible today when this giant spider appears out of nowhere--it was huge! And I yelled for Niki to bring the vacuum cuz I wasn't about to touch the thing. And my mom and her show up to take a look at the spider and vacuum it up. And then my sister tells me this story of this friend's friend at school who had an itch in her eye and she went to see the doctor and the doctor was like, there's nothing wrong. And then a few weeks later, her entire face was itchy and she went to see the doctor and found out that a spider had laid eggs in her eye and the eggs had hatched and that was the itchy feeling all over her face. And then my mom had her own story about a boy who was complaining of earaches only to find that two spiders were living in his ear and that the story had appeared on CNN or something rather. They were enough to kinda freak me out. I don't feel like sleeping anymore cuz I'd rather not dream about creepy crawlies creating habitations in my eyes and ears and other cavities in my head.

5. Enough with my random stories now.

Until next time,