Why is that with Indians, fair skin always equals beautiful skin? Why is dark, south Indian skin looked down on? How can people be so ridiculously shallow? It doesn't matter what the skin color is. I have seen beautiful models from Africa with the bluish-dark skin. It looks kinda exotic and cool. And, I have seen drop dead handsome guys with dark skin. And remember there is verse from Song of Solomon that says, "Dark as I am, yet lovely..." Not to sound full of myself but I am naturally dark and have no problems getting attention from guys. [laughing] Hey, what can I say? It is a nice feeling when a guy thinks you are beautiful. Seriously, I'll try not to let this get into my head.

      I have run into White guys who are interested in Brown or girls from other countries. Long time back, a Caucasian classmate from school who liked me told me he only likes and will only date Asian, Hispanic or Indian girls. He told me he finds the dark hair, skin and eyes intriguing and loved foreign accents. That same guy thought it was cute when I pronounced my W's and V's differently. Interesting, huh? See...its a way to impress some guys ;) My point is just accept the way you are.

      Didn't it ever occur that some people here in North America spend a lot of money on tanning? Some people pay quite a bit to get some of our naturally golden brown skin color. People especially women are never satisfied with themselves. People with straight hair want curly hair, while those with naturally curly hair want straight hair.

    * The same person who makes shallow judgments on skin color shades will say, "Be proud of being Indian." That is such a contradiction. The natural skin color of Indians are the shades of brown. So, if you want to be proud of being Indian, start with embracing our natural brown skin.

    * I don't know about our Indian accents. You all know how sexy our accents can sound. I'm kidding.

Indu Shanmugam