so that thing that i was talking about i two blogs ago, point #5, is that my dad sold his business. generally he's in the business of creating businesses, he usually starts them up and sells them soon after, but this last one's hung around for a while- too long for his liking. and finally after much prayer and God-interference it finally sold. now for my mom and dad this is what they've been waiting for for nearly 3 years, but for me and my sister it's become that bittersweet moment we've been dreading for as long as they've been wanting it.

you see, with the business sold, it means my mom and dad have nowhere to go at 9am and places to be at till 8pm- and this put a cramp in my day for here on out. as of now my parents wake up "late" (by their standards), take time with their morning coffee and breakfast, and casually walk out of the house (to tie up loose ends with the sale), and then they come home at around 3 in the afternoon, we eat dinner unusually early- which by the way is completely throwing off my digestion- and "close the kitchen" before the sun sets.

i am hardly amused by this change of events. furthermore, i can't use school as an excuse anymore. in the past i'd say i have homework to do and lock myself in my room- but i've exhausted that excuse. now my mom wants to clean up the house "starting from one end", she wants to do MY laundry (i'm particular about my laundry and i prefer to do it myself thankyou),and she wants to try all the recipes from her sacred "vanita" magazine.

my dad on the other hand is catching up on all the lost sleep from the past 5 years, and watching every news station from here to kuala lumpur. he's getting bored though and he's ready to pull out all his old paperwork and make sure it's all been completed properly. oh and the thing he's looking forward to the most, starting his own vegetable patch... like he had in India- ha!

meanwhile i'm thankful for tv-links- when my dad falls asleep on the couch i go to my favourite website and delve into mind-numbing entertainment. hopefully i won't have to resort to this much longer and i'll have a job to go to soon.

unfortunately this won't be like before, my dad's not going to look for another business to start, this is the end as i know it.