1. This is post #301. Real exciting eh? Just kidding. On to the real exciting stuff...

2. SAGC2007 here I come!!! I am elated beyond belief! So I was really unsure and kinda bummed about what to do since everything in life requires $ and when you have a very limited amount, well, let's just say, not everything is hunky dory. But the good Lord is so faithful and He's makes a way even when there seems to be no way. My uncle in Chicago works for United Airlines...long story short, I've got tickets and I am a happy camper--err, traveler.

3. In other news, my mom had a God-ordained conversation with a woman of God from India. And it essentially came to this--if I was going to serve God on the mission field for a year, why not do it in India? It's not that I hadn't thought about India, but I was unsure what I could possibly do and no specific doors were opening up--or so I thought. Well, the door has opened and it has opened wide! I now have three open doors of opportunity--Malaysia, Laos and India. Lord Jesus, please help me to make the right decision!

Life is an adventure when you're walking with God!