Diaspora means scattered people. Some 20 million people of Indian origin make their home outside of India. Early scattering happened as result of British Colonizers tooks Indians to work in the plantations in Malaysia, Fiji, Guyana, South Africa etc.

Then Indian skilled labor began to take flight soon after independence to places like Middle East, Hong Kong and Europe. In 1970s and 80s professionals and students began to migrate to Europe and North America.

No matter where they have gone, they have done exceptionally well professionally and economically. In fact, the 20 million scattered people of Indian origin make more money than a billion people in India.

The Indian Diaspora asset exceeds $1 trillion, while entire nation’s GDP totals to some $950 billion or so. No wonder goverment of India is so keen on tapping their wealth for developmental projects in India. See Ministry of Overseas Indians and India Day.

The scattered people also took their faith with them wherever they went. You can see Hindu temples, Sikh gurudwaras and Indian Christian churches on every continent. Being away from home and faith of their forefathers, many have renounced religious association or given into an popular ideologies (materialism, consumerism, prosperity or irreligious). Some have converted to evangelestic faiths like Christianity and Islam.

Later in August, I am looking forward to be part of a global gathering of South Asian Christians in London. Check out www.SAGC2007.com for more details and join us if you would like to learn about faith of the emerging generation of South Asians from around the world.

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