I had many walls around me. Walls of doubt, bitterness and depression that held me back. In fact, unbelief started hindering my prayer life. I was afraid to be open to God. I kept a slight distance from God because I didn't want to be emotionally vulnerable. I also had walls around me and my current relationships. I couldn't experience freedom and a complete sense of fulfillment because of this.

Today, Pastor Frank preached about importance of prayer in the church and a believer's life. Prayer should be as natural as breathing to a believer. Towards the end, during communion he had the altars open for those who feel something is hindering them. I came forward. Koi, a friend of mine agreed in prayer for me. I wanted to break free and emerge.

I started seeing tall, brick walls as I closed my eyes and prayed. Suddenly, the walls transform into long pieces of fabric. As I felt a breakthrough in the spiritual realm, I saw the long curtains being torn apart. This was just reflective of what God was doing inside. Deep inside I wanted to scream. I felt a burst of release and fresh energy.

I have been discouraged and severely doubted God's promises. Now, I see everything fall in place.

Indu Shanmugam