Hello Dear Friends,

I'm approaching that faster/busy time of year now. We have a jam packed schedule for July at PMC. I hope I don't get to frantic!

We've got Western Pentecostal Convention, then Youth Sunday and Punjabi Masihi Church Family Camp and not to mention the South Asian Global Convention SAGC 2007 in London to top it all off!

I looked at my schedule and was a little overwhelmed to say the least. Not also that, but I'll be preaching on Youth Sunday. It has been over two years since the last time I've preached at PMC and I'm a little nervous to say the least. I've come to write this blog in hopes of getting prayer because I'm going to need it.

I want revival to break out in our community in the name of Jesus! I don't want what is done at the youth service to fall on bad soil or get robbed and all the rest. I want it to have a lasting purpose, to make a difference, to transform lives for the sake of Jesus Christ.

Will you pray for me and the team? This work is not my own but the Fathers! I want him and only him to get all the glory. I want everyone one in the church to truly focus and give their all to Jesus at the end. I want Jesus will to be done!

Please, please keep us all in your prayers. We really need it!

Love Mr. Bilson!

P/S Thanks for your faithful prayers in the past. They'll never be forgotten.