I dont know where to start, its been a awesome Sunday, so awesome being with you, so awesome, Lord.

And Lord you have blessed me with an Mp3 player, Yay, i love you. I have sought your Kingdom first in my life and you have added on to me, Lord may only Songs pleasing to you be heard in this Mp3, Lord i consecrate this Mp3 player to you Lord, and I plead the blood of Jesus over this Mp3, the Blood that has the power to save, heal and is victory over the devil, Praise you Lord. Bless Jack and Uncle Pritam for giving it to me.

And Lord, you are also going to bless me with a Lap Top tommorow, wow, Lord all this things you give me will bless your holy name. Lord i thank you Lord that you have enable me to use things and love people. Yes Lord may the things you give me be used to love people, Lord may it funtion perfectly and be instrumental in my work for you.

I love you Lord, Lord i have a million things to thank you for. I am overwhelmed by you. Lord i thank you, you have given me these things at the right time when i will know that you matter more than the food i eat and the air i breath. Jesus I LOVE YOU. MUAH.. I"M so in Love with you, Lord not just because you bless me with these mere tools but because you so awesome.

I thank God for Roger, Lord, I can feel your mark on him, you are going to use him. Lord you ROCK, your the MAN. You hold our hands and lead us. Praise you Lord, I love you.

I thank you Lord for the wonderful time we had celebrating Tripta's birthday, It was fun. I thank you Lord that you have planted a wonderful sister in your church.

What a man Sukhdave is, a Gentleman, an Officer, and a soldier of God.

Lord, I thank you for all the wonderful youth and young adults there is in the church. Lord I thank you for the Love you have for them. Lord I love them all to bits, Bell, Amar, Michelle, Charis, Arwinz, Apple, Delano, Ray, Mickey, Tina, Bina, Karan, Trisha, Sonia, Anchal, Amar, Sukhdave, Rajvind, Jay, Seema, Navein, Divya, Aditiya Shirlinda, and all of them.

Lord my heart feels raised when i'm near them. Lord, i dont know why I love them, but please Lord, may thy will be done their lives. I thank you for Roger Lord i thank you Lord, i dont know why Lord but i feel Lord that he is going to be a blessing in this church and in our youth group. i thank you lord and praise you holy name.

Wah Lord, its 2.30am, but i still feel bubbly with your joy and love. Lord, i'm got my ORD shoot tommorow, I praise you that i am always a marksman, guide my hands, guide my bullet. I thank you that i am a marks man. Amen.

I'm gona sleep i thank you that my 4 and half hours of sleep will be enough and as if i slept for 12 hours, i love you lord, cuddle me close especially tonight. i love you. I feel like telling you, you can have more than my life but i have nothing else to give. hmmm, your too good to me Lord, i want to make you really really really happy. Teach me ok, Lord. I love you. Muah!, my Father.