Wow it's been 2 whole months since i wrote on this blog. So much has happened and i don't even remember half of it

-Went to my niece Divya's prom and dry grad. had a relli good time. I'm glad i went when she invited me for the 10th time.

-I've been working at Best Buy since April and i'm loving it so far. Every day is so interesting. I started off as Media Specialist and have since been promoted to Gaming Specialist- which is relli funny cuz my bro is the gamer and i know absolutely nothing. lol...but hey i'm learning! I love making sales and i love helping people buy the right product.

-I'm not going to india this summer but plans to go in may are already in motion. My cousin whom i haven't seen for like 8 years is getting married and i can't wait to go! Plus it'd be wicked to hang out with Beni in India and show off our sorry grasp of hindi.

-K so inshaallah, i will go to London with the PMC gang this august for SAGC. I have no clue where i'll be getting funds. And i'm thankful for my credit card. Apparently gettting one way tickets is cheaper than getting two way tickets...hmm...i'll hafta look into that...

-Beni dont' leave me~!!!!!! What will Mia and i do without u?? ur the lower harmony, mia's the high harmony and i'm the melody!!! aiyoooo!!

-The Western Pentecostal Conference is NEXT WEEK!. close. It's gonna be loadds of fun. Can't wait to play volleyball!

-Woohoo volleyball has started. We're having our official kickoff this sunday July 1st canada day! it's gonna be rocking babay!

Leaning on Jesus,