In The Gospel According to Matthew 5:13-14 we find Jesus Christ's declaration, "You are the salt of the earth....You are the light of the world". Today over, 2000 years since He made that comment, what does it mean for His disciples as they live their lives in this world of poverty and plenty, pleasure and pain, promise and peril?

The gravity of that statement, I believe, will be recognised and understood, not so much by theological tomes, as helpful as they may be, but by a life lived in humble service of Him who uttered those very words. Lest service of Christ be misunderstood as an escape from this earth, note however that service done in His name, as the verses itself suggest, will drive us back to the 'earth' and the 'world'. Salt and Light, in that sense, finds salience within 'earthly' frameworks, precisely in the face of threats to life such as insipidity and darkness.

This blog represents my reflections on that mandate. I hope to periodically reflect on its connotation within the context I inhabit and share some of its challenges for me and my fellow disciples of Jesus Christ. May His Spirit teach and guide us as we seek to respond to The Salt and Light Mandate.

The Salt and Light Mandate