One thing I have learned is that it is possible to grow older but not grow up. I'm talking about spiritual growth that is. Spiritual growth is no respecter of age. There are many aged people who haven't grown spiritually. Do you know what they look like?

They are the ones who are quick to point blame when something is wrong rather than find the solution. They are cold, calloused, and loveless. They bicker, whine and complain and they are quick to point out your failures and weaknesses. They are arrogant and believe thatthose who disagree with them are wrong.

The world seems to revolve around people like this. At least that is what they think. As mentioned before, these people always think they are always right. They take no initiative to change the world into a better place. Instead, they stand on their high horse and criticize the ones who take the risks, who dare to make a difference.

"Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes and clever in their own sight." (Isaiah 5:21)

(Don't mind the pic. I couldn't think of anything better to put up!)

Mr Bilson