This week has been pretty hectic. Lots of good things happened and lots of bad things happened.... one of the greatest and most overwhelmingly painful thing that happened was that our Pasotor "Uncle Subash" past away. He went to be with the lord.

This was the first time that someone has died.. who i knew.. or had some realation with.. Uncle Subash was a very good man, and he always had something encouraging to say. I didn't know how to react and it didnt even feel like he was gone.. ... at first.. it seemed like this was all just a bad dream... but soon after, reality kicked in... he was really gone.

This got me thinking. We don't know how long we're going to live.. Some of us might live till 80, or even 90, while others could just die tomorrow. Our science has become so advance that, we have some type of controll over pretty much anything,..... anything, except death. Here are a couple of question which I asked my self, thinking about death.

When will I die?
How will I die?
When I die, will I be satisfied with my life?
How will people remember me?

In a conversation, if my name ever came up, what would people say about me?
When I face God, what will he say about my life?
Will he be satisfied with me?
Can I leave something behind to be remembered by?

Can I impact lives before I go, so that I will be a part of someone, or some people even after Im gone?
Will the world benifit from my death, or will it go into a loss?
On my death bed, what would be my last wish?

What would be the last thing that i would want to do and say, before I leave?
Right now, am I living to die, or am I dieing to live?
What am I doing right now, to make this life, living worth it?
Am I making a difference, or am I just another person who is living and will die?

Theses are some of the many questions that went through my mind....I realized that there are so many things that I could be doing right now. We have one life to live.....We should live it to the fullest. There will never be a time when we would be able to say, that we have had enough of life, and lived it to the fullest.... because face it, or lives are like never ending tunnels.... there is no ending.. all we can do is walk through it and travel as far and for the longest time that we possibly can.. Good and Bad things will happen, but nothing will ever be enough.... How bad do we want to make this life worth it..? For how long can we keep walking through this tunnel?

We have the chance to live, many don't get that chance, but we have it. Lets live life to the fullest and enjoy each day, as if it were our last,,,,, because face it... anything can happen at anytime... .... ..... ....May God bless and take care of you... Have a great day!!