You play the part…it seems so easy
You seem like you got it all together…seemingly
Why do you burn within me so?
Why don’t the passions die?

Your eyes, ever so beautiful…yet unlooked for
Your mask, beyond compare…yet you remain my mystery
You haunt me…yet you strengthen all the while

Why believe at all? Why feel the dregs of endearing loss?
When the joy ascertained, though unfulfilled, allows for a mindless maze
I stand unsure of who I am, for somehow I think I am who I am with you

Though uncertain, I can with honest say
You keep me screaming at myself
With my silence, and my stares
You keep me doubtful of this core
With your wavering visage
I keep reading, yet find no coherence there

Keep me without a vision
Let me run without a care
Even if I’m not the object of your affection
I will still find solace there

When my voice comes through the skittishness within myself
You’ll know my heart, and the words for you I’ve penned
Until above and below, meets perfectly within my soul
May these words be my hope, and your sight be my sorrow