So another two months have passed since my last post.

- WPC happened and went awesome. Integrated i'm proud of you guys.

- Went to London to attend the South Asian Global Convention, then ended up going to Germany and France as well after. I had an awesome time.

- Went to the PNE last week with Beni, Divya, Sarah, and Ammu Kutty. Thank you for such an awesome time girls

-Beni left.
-I miss laughing
-I miss her harmony
-I miss her honesty
-I just miss her.

Thanx Beni for being an awesome friend for the past three years. Thank you for letting me be part of ur last few days in Vancouver. I love you chica

-School is upcoming. I'm back to first year again after switching over to Business.

-Work is awesome....still like it.

I miss singing....and when i say singing, i mean with singing with the three part harmony of Mia, Beni and myself.....

Missing a lot,