It sure has been a fair bit since I last wrote. Truthfully, I'm lost for any valid excuse. The past few months has been a ride, with loads of ups and downs...what is life without it!? Uni started back in July 05, and while it was rather refreshing going back to student life again, it was no easy task. Loads of reading material, assignments, lectures. In a sense, I kinda prefer work life. You earn a salary, the weekends and after-working hours is usually yours to enjoy. I guess that is why it is so vital to get a job that we actually enjoy wholeheartedly, having the ideal job would allow me to not "work" for my entire life, if you know what I mean! As a student, you don't (quite) have that privilege, the constant flow of study is unsympathetic towards your time, and bugs you down irregardless of when class ends. I'm sure it doesn't apply to all but at least that has been my experience thus far.

Then again i'm forever grateful to the Lord and my parents for the opportunity to gain an overseas exposure. Needless to say, my Uncle, Aunt and cousins whom i lived with, made life in Melbourne bearable. That's not to say Melbourne is hard place to live in (on the contrary, it is one of the most livable cities in the world), but understand that as an international student moving to a new environment, away from loved ones, it is TOUGH! Hence, having the good counsel of relatives was essential to keeping me on track with my priorities. And i did well too with the joyful company of my loving cousins, Prerna (The Brain as she's known best) and Chet (Bunty is his new nick) - Just a point of clarification here, there are some jokes relating back to family which i might make in upcoming blogs/articles but will have absolute no sense to the reader, so just let it be.

So how did I do in the end? Very well indeed. Got a great score for my exams which is ALL and ONLY because of our Lord! All glory to Him in the highest and I proclaim that wholeheartedly. I tell you this not to boast about myself but really, as a testimony of how God helped me through it all.

I have gone through a number of failures in the past, and many would testify the implications it has had on my life. I was stuck in a pit with a signboard that read "Fearing to Fail" and well, the webs caught on me. At some stages, I grew increasingly distant from God. It's strange how "forgiving" society can be when you don't perform to its expectations OR how the words of many can shoot us down real hard. What is even stranger is how the human mind works.  For when it is our own doing that we fall, we tend to point the finger at God for wiring us so differently from others and claim Him to be unfair, thus also making us culprits against God just as society behaves towards man. But then we forget that God had a purpose and the very act of desiring to create ME must have taken a lot of our God ( that is if we measure God as a human cos in actual fact, God would not have had much of a problem creating me..He is GOD after all) and it must have meant that I was special, so special that despite knowing how I would behave towards Him not always in love, He chose to create me. You see, He had a choice and because He does all things right, He must have made the right decision. And how can you argue with the creator. And in creating me, He made me in His image which quite honestly, I find humbling. Wow! I'm actually made in His image! Surely as I was stuck in this deep rut of low esteem, I had an equal right to jump out of it and shout out that I am a child of God...beautifully crafted and made for a purpose to glorify Him.

Hmm, have a think through that and feel free to pass me some feedback. I'll be back next week for Part 2!

In Christ,