I read with interest a news report about more teens are questioning commonly held views on teen sexual behavior and reverting abstinence as the best way. Check it out for yourself.  The report said, “more and more educators, parents and health professionals are concluding that sexual abstinence until marriage is the wisest, healthiest lifestyle for all teenagers.” What a revelation!

Every idea has a consequence. Many have paid dearly (in some cases with their dear life) for believing in the lies of sexual liberation. This is nothing new. In the past whether it be alcohocol, smoking, drug, adultery etc were promoted on account of personal freedom and rebellion against moral ground of behavioral reinforcements.

Like everything else sexual freedom and safe sex message has come a full circle. Many have fallen victim along the way on this journey. What does it take human being to align themselves to their Creator’s design and live life within the prescribed boundaries. Why are we inclined to push the limits further and further or even desiring to see what happens when moral rules are broken?

Now there enough cases to prove the point the absitence until marriage and faithfulness within marriage is the best way to enjoy sex to the maximum. Whether it poor kids in inner cities of America, red light districts in Mumbai or reversal of AIDS trend in Uganda are all proving what we all have know. Sexual purity matters, not only for ourselves but for the health of the entire communities.

Coconut Generation