Marriage & Heart Health

Did you know that marriage affects your heart health? Happier you are in your marriage, healthier your heart is. May be you always knew that, but now you have scientific research to back you. People who lack emotional support and understanding from their partner, have a 34 per cent increased risk of heart disease than those in the most supportive relationships. The study appeared in British Archives of Internal Medicines. Also read the news reports in ABC, Telegraph, Associated Press etc.

One may think, strained relationship may cause the couple to experiment with alcohol, depression, poorer eating habits etc. But British researchers stripped out risk factors such as obesity, smoking, drinking and family history, the chance of a heart attack was still 23 percent higher.

Relational heart breaks cause real heart problems! Constantly working on your marriage, attending marraige enrichment events, coaching for marriage improvements etc really pays off. All relationships will deteriorate when it lacks attention and care.

What is interesting medical professional and pharmaceutical industries are begining to account for social factors in individual health. A dimension that has been often overlooked in the past. Now there are scientific evidences that married people are more healthier than unmarried. People in heterosexual relationship are far more healthier than homosexual relationships. Intimate relationships have an effect on your personal health.

Stay healthy… work on your marriage!

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