This is a poem about trusting in all that God is, and just being who you are created to be, and nothing more. It’s a realization that keeps overwhelming the obstacles that cloud my vision and purpose and meaning for life. I can go on and on… just read it.

Some where gone is the past that seems to collide with the highs and lows of thought

Alive is the light that shines brighter than a hundred suns gleaming from within, from life

Gone is the pain of not knowing what lies ahead and adventure breeds a new air in these lungs

Running to all that He’s prepared for me as what’s past, is and will be come together anew

I’ve severed the lie that seeks to befall even the most hallowed of ears

I’m growing accustomed to the pains of becoming all that God’s created me to be

Alive and well…resting in the will of my Savior…loving every moment I have, to just…be

I Am Ashish Joy