I've been going to a number of weddings in the past couple of years. I get a kick out of the kinds of comments that come out of the mouths of shallow people who are at these weddings. Here are some examples:

"She's too dark for him."

"He's too short for her."

"She is not as educated as he is."

"He is not one of 'our' people. What a disgrace!"

"She's gained a lot of weight."

"He does not have a good job."

"She shouldn't have rushed into it but looked for someone better, you know some one with the same level of income as herself."

"He's too young for her."

"What an ugly dress."

"That is a tacky suit."

"It's all just a show."

"She should have gone home and got some."

OUCH! That stings. Give it a rest folks. They're in love and love is not as shallow as you! Be careful. They are created in the image of God and you mock God's image with some of your comments! What God has put together let no one seperate. Be careful not to mock God's design and order.