Walk into any  desi homes in America lately and you are likely to see them huddle around the tv program beamed from India. The latest player to enter this market is StarTV program thro DirectTV.

There are plenty of viewers in America for the programs in Gujurati, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu. Besides entertainment value, this also provides a cultural link to India. They are fed with masala stories, news and their favorite stars. Of course, Indian brands and products are growing its market share for dollar value.

The Indian TV producers are discovering the small but economincally strong Indian American community and have started marketing their programs to them, much like what Bollywood has been doing lately. They are also weaving into NRI stories to attract them. Many young Indian American producers have also entered the rings.

Part of this package deal is channels and programs in Indian spirituality - AASTHA spiritual network hopes to fill the spiritual vaccum for mainstream American audience. Yoga, new age gurus, Indian devotional music etc will find a much larger viewership in America. But what happens when New Age spirituality gets old?

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