Pimple pimple on my chin,
Why won't you go away?
Lonely, single, by yourself,
Still you insist to stay.

I've made your dwelling most displeasing
With toothpaste, salt and gin,
But after all you've went through,
Your abode is on my chin.

I've poke and prodded, peeled and popped
In hopes that you might leave,
But as an extension of my anatomy,
Dearly do you cleave.

I've people to see and many to impress,
In these coming days and weeks,
If you stay too long, to my distress,
I may join a circus of freaks.

Please remember I don't mind you,
You remind me to clean my face,
You've just stayed too long,
And now you're invading my space.

So leave me today with a clear face,
Let my face shine like it once shone,
Just make sure when you come back,
That you come back alone.