I had been out of action from blogging for almost a month. It was our family vacation and we were away in India and UAE. And I had decided to do a digital fast. I do not know if you know that concept. Life without mobile phones, blogs and emails seems almost impossible! We have got so used to them lately, but must remind ourselves we did not use all these few decades ago. So I decided to refrain from all technology tools for few weeks.

As a family we had some great time with our extended families and friends. We’re able to create some great memories for our children and ourselves. Some great bonding time. We left India early this week and spend few days in Dubai. A happening place indeed. We got back to Chicago on thursday and had to leave on Friday to be in Long Island (NY) for a speaking assigment. I feel little exhausted from the trip … (you know how vacations can be…. we need another to recover from the one you just had). I am quite excited to get back to things I love to do. Routine seems to put life back in its place.

Pause . . . take time to be with yourself. Fast from Internet from time to time  . . . it is good for your soul!

Coconut Generation