1. Haven't done anything overly embarrassing since Sunday... thankfully! Still laughing at my hand raising episode though.

2. Was at my cousin Anisha's birthday party today. She turned 11. Between enduring the raised eyebrows and weird looks from people when my mom or sister announced to anyone that I was actually 23 years old and a whole bunch of hyperactive elementary kids running all over the place like maniacs, I managed to help my cousin put together the fish tank for the little betta fish she received as a gift. It was fun. The fish's name is Sammy. We don't yet know if it's male or female. We initially thought it was female but, after doing some googling (I can't say "research" cuz it's hardly that), I think it's male.

3. Excited for Thanksgiving. We have so much family coming in, it's going to be a full house.

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