I was sleeping sound last night dreaming of palm tree's, rice patties and warm tropical weather. I saw a scene of a base of a mountain slope. There was this wide and deep expanse of a lake/rice patty in front of it. I was with my bro and a beautiful person I met on the way to London and it was so peaceful, joyful and beautiful. I remember staring at this palm tree and thinking how beautiful God made this tree. It was so real, clear and distinct. I was filled with peace, joy and comfort for my restless soul.

During the day I was doing my work and felt a warning or impression in my heart. I know the feeling from before when CN passed on. He was in critical condition and dieing of cancer. I remember having a deep sense that he had already gone on to be with the Lord. When I reached home, I got the news that he was gone as I suspected. I had the same impression yesterday that APA was very near as well.

My mom woke me up and told me how my ol' friend APA had passed on. It had happened last night. The beautiful dream was over. APA and I met a couple of times before he went into the hospital. He told me he believed deep inside that Jesus was his savior and died for his sins. He did admit to struggling with doubt and so on. He was reading his Bible and drawing comfort from it. I told him to read a particular Psalm. The next time I saw him he talked about the Psalm and how special it was for his wife.

Now, again I'm here and left with memories. We walked to school together, watched movies and ate pizza. We had times where we studied together. Later on in life we lost touch until I got news of his health condition.

I've been in this place before. Before CN died, he came to visit me from Manitoba. His baseball team made the finals and was coming to Abby. We spent quality time together and a few months later I got news that he was gone.

The past summer I lost another friend. She was my childhood buddy's mom. She would treat me like a son as well. She died as well....

Than there was CRM. She gave me great comfort when I was grieving over CN. I didn't want to go to the funeral and just wanted to bury all my grief. She didn't let me and told me to go. I did and finally received closure over the death. A year later, I'd meet her again and was going through a whole new season of trials. Probably the most intense one's of my life. She again comforted me in her supernatural way that only comes from God's grace.

Later I found out that she passed away as well.

What did all these people have in common? Well, it goes beyond how much of a blessing they are to me! They all died of CANCER! I HATE CANCER! However, now they are in a place where nothing and no one will ever be able to harm them again.

"Blessed are those who mourn,
for they will be comforted." (Matthew 5:4)