1. Today was interesting. Anisha and I were bored. I was too tired to run around and be silly. And Anisha needed something fun to do. So we went poking around in our garage and found a couple bottles of bubbles with wands and sat around for about a half hour blowing away to our hearts' content. And the whole time I thought about Mia. She was the one in Vancouver wanting to blow bubbles all the time regardless of what we were doing. We brought along a bottle of bubbles to everything from Steveston to WPC. Ahh...memories. Anyhow, that's my highlight of the day and probably the week considering nothing very exciting happens around here anyway.

2. Watched this show on TV about the world's tallest woman somewhere in China or Thailand or something. She was close to eight feet tall and suffering from 'giganticism' (for real!). In some weird twisted way, I thanked God I didn't have that problem. At least short people don't need to worry about their heart having to work too hard to pump blood through their body, or their body collapsing from its own weight, and stuff like that.

3. I also thank God for Pastor Koshy's new kidney. I pray that it will begin to function normally and for a speedy recovery.

4. Was listening to this message today about how God sometimes takes things or people out of our life and isolates us as He's doing His work in our lives so that, in the end, He alone gets all the glory. I can't say it isn't difficult to deal with. But I suppose it'll all be worth it in the end.

One Desi