I got some good news. We just found our brick wall backdrop! Some friends from DPC liked it so much that they wanted to use it and didn't know it was ours. It was flattering to have them ask us to use something of ours for a change. We are always borrowing from them they always go the extra mile for us. It is great to change roles for a change.

We have one more practice and things have been progressing which is a good sign. We just need prayer for a couple of specific things in no particular order:

* Salvation of souls through this event
* More laborers
* Actors/voices to know cues for their roles
* Sound system and music because we don't have an official sound person
* The Backdrop frame for holding the backdrops which is constructed by BV
* Patience and against nervousness and tempers
* More Expression from actors
* Final props

I'm grateful for having you journey with me so far. We want to see Jesus lifted up! He is the Man with the Plan.

Mr. Bilson