I was moved by the hymn Jesus Keep Me Near The Cross and the ancient hymn Phos Hilaron, so I wrote something that went along with what I was feeling.

Jesus keep me near the cross,
There a precious fountain.
Free to all, a healing stream,
Flows from Calvary’s mountain.

Redemption’s eyes watch and wait to find a soul in search for Thee
O great Savior, King in splendor, lived and died to set me free
How loving and tender Your compassion, to shower grace and mercy
Upon souls who respond willingly and humbly to your call and plea

In the cross, in the cross
Be my glory ever;
Till my raptured soul shall find
Rest beyond the river.

My glory in the cross forever keeps me on my knees in humble solitude
As the weight of my sin is lost on the cross in the arms of my God

May my soul rest in the wonder of the wisdom of such a sacrifice
May my heart rest in the peace that passeth all understanding
May the words of my mouth and the meditations of heart
Remember daily the work you have done O Great Savior

For redemption is founded in your resurrection’s work
You conquered the grave and bested the sin that entangles
For you are seated in heavenly places, now continually praying
Interceding for your Bride, your Beloved, your Church

Hail, gladdening Light, of His pure glory poured
Who is th’immortal Father, heavenly, blest,
Holiest of Holies–Jesus Christ our Lord!

Now we are come to the sun’s hour of rest;
The lights of evening round us shine;
We hymn the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit divine!

Worthiest art thou at all times to be sung
With undefiled tongue,
Son of our God, giver of life, alone:
Therefore in all the world thy glories, Lord, thy own.

I Am Ashish Joy