"Act, and God will Act." ~ Joan of Arc

The last few months and weeks have truly been an adventure. School has been insane. I will never take five classes at one time again. Ever. Work has been put on the back burner and neglected for the most part. Only working 4-6hrs a week now.

Taking up most of my time are church activities which are by far the most exciting, but can also be super stressful at the most inconvenient of times. For example, next weekend is the Deeper Walk Youth Retreat and at the same time, I have three term papers due! But again, this is the most rewarding and satisfying thing I do.

Knowing that you're making a difference not just for today or tomorrow, but for eternity really puts everything into perspective. And it is here that I learn the most valuable lessons of childlike faith, absolute trust, and the extent of God's love and faithfulness.

I'm nothing special...and yet God chooses to use me. I think it is because broken vessels bring Him glory.

His grace is sufficient,