Can you believe it friends?

We are nearing our final PMC Drama Practice! Are you excited? nervous? sad? happy or blank? Well, I'm kinda nervous, happy and excited and blank as well. It is all reaching a climax and I just want to say that it has been an exciting journey so far and it was great to see you guys progress in your parts. Let's finish strong and with so much fervour and passion in prayer!

We'll meet at 7:30pm SHARP at Delta Church Sanctuary (the same place as on Sunday and last Fri) for the last one! I wrote down a list of prayer request, in no particular order, that will help us finish strong.

Take the time to prayer, fast and even cry out to God! He loves to hear our voice!

1. Thank God for his faithfulness in bringing us this far.

2. Pray for people to know the cues and other cues like music, backdrops and props.

3. Pray for the right costumes for the right people.

4. Pray for the final props ie. ICBC booth, H20mellon stand, tables and chairs, money bag, backdrops and frame etc. to be done and ready to go.

5. Enthusiasm with voices and actions.... YEESH!

6. Quality sound which was lacking last year

7. Lot's of helpers for setup, take down, food prep, greetings etc.


We are nearing the finish line. I can't wait to see everything go off with a Bang on Sat. The doors open at 2pm if you want to come early to help set up and pray and help and help and help! I'll see you there!

Mr. Bilson