Reading: Luke 14:18-20; Esther 4:7-16

"If you remain completely silent at this time, relief and deliverance will arise from another place" (Esther 4:14)

 The famous CMC Hospital in South India was founded by Missionary Dr. Ida Scudder (1870-1959). She was born this day. Because of her implicit obedience to God's call, without giving any excuse, India received this blessing. I had the privilege of serving in this Hospital in Vellore from 1971 to 1975.

We are good at giving excuses when there is a call from God. When Moses was called to go to Pharaoh to take His people out of Egypt, he said, "I am not eloquent" (Ex 4:10). But God encouraged him saying, "Go; I will be with your mouth and teach you what to say" (Ex 4:12). Some of the general excuses we give are-

"I have no experience or Bible training." Is this your hesitation? Don't worry. Most of the Missions have short-term training courses for cross-cultural evangelism or Bible translation.

"I have a good job. I will serve the Lord fulltime after my retirement!" After you retire you will need people to serve you!

"But there are so many who have not heard the Gospel in my own place." Don't worry. Not obeying the call, there will always be enough of people who stay back! Leave that job to them.

"How about the material needs of me and my family?" God who fed Elijah even in the worst famine is still alive!

 "But how can I leave my people and my native place?" If the missionaries from the West had not left their countries and brought the Gospel to us, we would not have been led to the living God.

"How about my children's education?" If there is no good school where you go, you can always leave them in boarding schools specially meant for missionaries' children.

"Will I hold on to the end?" "The one who calls you is faithful" (1 Thess 5:24). He will preserve you till the end.

The call of God comes to us as a privilege. If we fail to respond to Him positively, He will bypass us. He knows how and by whom to get the job done. Only we will be the losers!

Follow! Follow! I would follow Jesus,

 Anywhere, everywhere, I would follow on!    

(W.O. Cushing)