This will be a controversial topic for some. I have started doing yoga from a book, "Yoga for Christians" by Susan Bordenkircher. She teaches how to do yoga and get the benefits of yoga while praying to Jesus and directing yoga towards creatively worshipping our God.

While I am doing yoga, I focus on the beauties and promises of God's kingdom. Or for example while I am doing strengthening poses or warrior poses, I mediate and picture myself as a spiritual warrior of God that stands up for Him and about being an emissary for Jesus. Or if it's a soft pose, I think about surrendering and submitting it all to Jesus. Or I just simply praise my wonderful Jesus that I adore.

The reason why I chose yoga is because I tend to be a very anxious person and my body gets stiff and tight, which makes it harder for me to relax and concentrate. I get back pain, stomach upset, stiffness and migraines. It's making such a difference in both my mind and body. I have never felt so relaxed and I'm not getting migraines as much. I lost a lot of weight and getting a flatter tummy and more toned arms, that I'm getting compliments and others are asking me if I am doing something.

So, some people freak out because it's supposedly demonic. I appreciate it when someone is concerned about my spiritual life because he cares about my well-being. However, I can't stand snobbish, holier-than-thou attitudes of trying to prove to me that they are a much better Christian. That's legalism and nobody has a right to judge another believer for her choices. I am a mature believer and a grown woman. I am not stupid. I did my research, prayed and decided it's really up to personal conviction and own relationship with God. I will respect another believer's choice to not want to do yoga but I ask the same for myself.

First of all, while I am doing yoga, I speak Bible scriptures and pray in the name of Jesus. His name is the most powerful name in the world and would make any demon shudder with fear. So how can I be influenced by that if I am a true spirit-filled Christian praying in Jesus' name? If that's the implication, then is our God not that strong? God in his infinite wisdom can tell the difference between a compromising Christian and a Christian sincerely seeking God (through yoga or non-traditional ways of devotion).

However, I refuse to take yoga classes with certain non-Christian instructors. My college has a yoga club and I thought I'd try it. I walked out quietly because the instructor was playing Hindu bhajans during class. I found out that I prefer doing it on my own. Maybe later, I could start a group of Christian yoga with the purpose of worshipping God and getting fit.

I look forward to yoga because not only is it an exercise but it's also my quiet time with God. My yoga is a time of "being still and knowing God." It's when I put everything aside and fill myself with God thoughts.