Shainu and I are 4 weeks away from the due date for our first child….a baby girl! Among the many things I’ve prayed for this child, here’s one that I whisper in my heart often: God please let her look like her mom.

Maybe it’s my four-foot-long nose that I don’t want this child to inherit or the receding hairline that runs rampant in my family; but I would be thrilled if she shared some of her mother’s traits. And I don’t just mean physically. If she could be hospitable, and encouraging, and thoughtful, and godly like her mother is - I would be so happy.

I hope the same thing for 7 Mile Road Philadelphia.

I would love for her to look a ton like her mom. Of course that’s not to say that mom is perfect. She never is. There are a ton of things that we long for God to sanctify. But as He does so, I am praying that 7 Mile Road Philadelphia would share some of the beautiful traits of 7 Mile Road Boston.

Last night at 7 Mile Road Boston, we had our annual members meeting. I could go to a thousand member meetings if they had the feel of the one we had last night. Two things in particular.

Unity: In John 17, Jesus prays that we would be one even and the Father and the Son are one. I thank God for the ways that that prayer is becoming a reality at 7 Mile Road Boston. It’s not that there weren’t good questioning conversations about some of the items on the agenda. There were. It’s just that all of it was done in humility and a beautiful oneness. After the meeting, some of us got to hang out for prayer. We praised God for the oneness that He has blessed us with. We prayed that God would keep gossip, slander, malice, and division a million miles away from our lips and from our church.

I long for 7 Mile Road Philadelphia to inherit that trait. Last night I prayed that 7 Mile Road Boston’s daughter would share this characteristic of unity. We are desperate for you to ask God that that would be a reality among us. Pray for us. No, seriously, before you keep reading, would you stop right now and pray.

Generosity: When do you go to a church member’s meeting and when the topic of money came up, the major discussion was about how we can give more? Give pastors more. Give leaders more. Give missions more.

And I wish you could have heard the conversation about Philadelphia. To the team, your mother can’t wait to give birth and lavish you with love and generosity. I could write more, but just know that I was so moved by the generosity of the saints in that room.

And again, I prayed that we would look like mom.

As I celebrate what God is doing in Boston, I have to tell you that I am also celebrating the grace that God is extending to our team in Philadelphia. For me personally, it has been such a joy to see the ways in which the Spirit is sanctifying and maturing this team. Unified and generous is exactly what they have been towards Shainu and I.  I thank God for the church that He is birthing out of this core and long for us to always be one as the Father and Son are one.

To God be the glory.

7 Mile Road Church