- On my way to guitar lessons with my mom, we look up and there right in front of us so clearly and spectacular was a rainbow. I'd never seen one as beautiful as this. It was so strong that it either had a shadow behind it or a second rainbow. It was perfectly arched.

My high school knowledge about the colors of the spectrum ROYGBIV finally came into use as my mom wondered what colors were in the rainbow. It was marvelous. The entire car ride my mom kept muttering about the the rainbow and God's promises to us in the Bible. She kept saying that God always keeps his promises. The rainbow was proof of his promise. Dang i like rainbows.

- Practice tonight went relatively well. We practiced the song Hosanna. It's been weird the past couple of weeks for me since Ben left. There was a huge void in my musical life. For the past three years Ben and music have gone hand in hand. I didn't want to do Hosanna. But I was asked over and over again to do it and I just couldn't refuse.

Today when we did it, it was so hard. I kept imagining Ben's harmony in my head. But i refused to get irritated and angry like i usually did when no one else could do the harmony as well. I realized that I can't keep expecting others to sing and play the guitar the same way my friend did. I can't keep expecting everything to be the same again. It won't. I'll just have to learn my way around it. No one can take her spot. No one can do the marvelous harmony with me like Mia and Ben could.

Even when Mia and I sing now, it seems like we're missing a third someone. But I'm glad I had those three years. I learned what perfection in music could be. I've learned that music is embedded in my heart and I love Jesus. I don't think i could do anything other than worship God. It's a part of who I am. I'm a worshiper of the Living God. I'm still learning to get back on track musically and spiritually with God.

- I love waking up to text msgs from my friend in America who wakes me up and sends me to sleep with the words I love you. I love you too chica.

Leaning on my rainbow promise,