With a recent conversation I found out that she is passionate about being a cop. She started volunteering in a prison and took an introductory class. She is meeting other cops and getting favor from supervisors. Getting into police dept. is tough and competitive. This job requires guts and much under appreciated.

She sees her job as a ministry, a chance as a Christian to stand up for justice and serve people. Why limit ministry to the pulpit? In my opinion, a pastor isn't necessarily more gifted or has a special level of annointing than a functioning Christian in a 'secular' setting. The gifts of the Holy Spirit are not reserved for a select few people but for all true believers.

There are Pharisees who tell her that it's a man's job and she should follow God's specific role for women. To them, if she becomes a cop she isn't embracing God's design for her as a woman or femininity, and thus is a rebellious woman and 'feministic'. And these people can't even properly explain their idea of women's role. Most of their half-baked ideas are products of outdated traditions, cultural myths and misconceptions rather than the biblical truth. For those who know her, she isn't a manly guy - like those with short hair, don't shave their legs etc... Actually, she's always in skirts, heels and dresses. She's total proof that it is possible to be tough and yet very womanly and beautiful.

Many people have no idea of reality and think being a police officer is like the movies. After hearing from her, it seems being a cop isn't being part of the elite boys-club, strutting around with a tough and manly countenance with same mentality of being in the popular clique of high school. Real life police work is not like that. Your life is at risk and you'd be too busy to worry about impressing people.

Sometimes women cops are needed when dealing with domestic violence, rape and child abuse cases. Abused women and especially children are more comfortable with female cops. Women tend to bring fairness and justice; and especially care about protecting the weaker ones such as children and oppressed peoples. It's part of our maternal instincts. Imagine the fury of a mother bear if someone messes with her cubs. Also, some of the successful police commanders, supervisors in our city are women. Even the police chief of our city is a woman. Even though our bureau is not perfect, I hear it is better than some of the other cities.

I admire her courage to take up a taxing career on both the body and mind, hearing gruesome crime details, working with all kinds of people. It takes courage, humility and love to choose to be with the poor, violent, needy and unattractive segments of society? I think God will use her in a non-traditional way for His glory. Those who judge are probably jealous.