I had a hilarious conversation with a good friend just now. He is a diaspora Christian like myself who was born from a traditional Indian family but brought up outside South Asia, in Africa to be precise. The comedy started when his Grandma found out that he was dating a white girl.

My friend's Grandma decided to express her concern over my friend's relationship. Mixed marriages or marriages of different cultures is a foreign concept to her. She was seemed unaccepting and unyielding to my friend's, 'preference.' She expressed her desire for him to marry someone a little more in tune with their cultural background and questioned whether my friend knew where his/her cultural roots are.

My friend, in turn, told her that he did know where his cultural roots are. They are in AFRICA!

Ha! Ha! Har! I found this rebuttal quite hilarious!

You probably don't but that is because you weren't there. It was one of those, "You have to be there to understand moments."

Mr. Bilson