According to a British survey over 70 % of women prefer chocolate over sex. I say that's very right. I'll settle for chocolate pleasure anytime. I got a coupon for free chocolates at Godiva, which usually charges $2.95 per piece. When I got my samples, I was a bit disappointed. Since the chocolates were expensive, I thought I would be sinking into a state of pure bliss. Godiva chocolates are not that much different from Lindt chocolates or Ferrero Rocher that I can get from Safeway for much less (like $7 for a box). What a bunch of marketing hype!

I've been in the mall, finishing up my Christmas shopping and to wander around because there is nothing else to do. I would start to hate shopping because of the crowds and if I am not finding what I am looking for. I am looking for a cute, fun, top that I could pair with dark jeans, killer heels and a cute purse. But it is hard to find 'party' clothes or that aren't too revealing or expensive. So finally, I'm glad to find a long printed babydoll top that looks like a 60's mini-dress. It has a cool flashy print and details.

I can't believe the crowds. It's hard getting a parking spot. I am thankful that I don't have to work retail this Christmas season. I hate it. I prayed for a better job. God provided me with job that has a better pay so that I don't have to work long hours. I can use the time for better focusing on school and helping out more in church.