A new way to live life is the best gift anyone can ever have.
I have been afraid to step out and take the things God intended for me to have. I am imagining a scene, where my significant other takes me out to dinner and then surprises me with a pearl necklace. He would love to see my surprised face and at first a "Oh no, you shouldn't have." He would love to see my eyes light up as I feel the delicate pearls between my fingers and admire them and then letting him put it around my neck. But suppose, I had an uninterested or blank reaction and just put those pearls aside. How would he feel?

How would you feel if you tried to compliment someone but they don't accept it graciously? Or you decide to take a friend out to a jazz club because you know that person likes music and the person is ungrateful and cranky? Or that you tried to cook a favorite for someone and they don't eat it? Wouldn't you feel like a fool for even trying to bless them?

Sometimes, that is what Christians do to God. False humility, fear or lack of faith is precisely that. Jesus Christ was born so that he can give us a fuller and more meaningful life. Out of fear and doubt, I haven't embraced certain things. I am going to let God more into my life. I want Him to shine through me.

Remember God's gift to us. Take it and have the blessings God has for us.

Indu Shanmugam