A new life stage is in the making. A post college, working and unmarried singles population has significantly risen in the recent years. Many are staying unmarried or are cohabitating or are divorced, increasing this population to record levels. See my other entries on Delaying Marriage.

Much like stage of adolescents in the past. A new stage is getting developed, ageing between 20s and 30s. The new term for the generation next is EMERGING ADULT.

Jeffrey Arnett, a developmental psychologist at Clark University, coined the term “emerging adult.” Arnett says a number of cultural changes over the past five decades created this lengthened path to adulthood. Read this story - On a Slow Lane to Adulthood.

In the past by early 20s, most people finished their education, found their life partners, lived independantly and some even entered parenthood. But that isn’t true anymore. Studies goes on or majors change. You never find a real unless you work through few of them or what you really want to do. After trying few jobs, you go back to college again.

When it comes to relationships, childhood sweetheart and college dating partner are the ones you want to live rest of your life with. All of which keeps them single and hence the new life stage!

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