Being an only Black (brownish rather) in an white (yellow rather) church... It does not matter...

Well guys i need to talk about this yeah it's the colour issue here.......

Man i am so blessed with where God has put me... let me give you a background about myself as i a realised my blog articles are being passed around...

When i became a Christan in 1996 i attended The Salvation Army in Singapore. Man i was the only black guy around and the rest were Chinese.

In the first four years of my church life i had problems with ppl in church coz either they did not understand my culture or me unable to understand their culture, POLITICS in church and man many other things. I accept that i stepped on ppl's feet as well. Man some of them not just stepped on me but they ran me over.

In the beginning years i remembered my pastor would favour ppl and give them opportunity and no matter what i tried i would be like left behind and it further put hatred in me. As years went by i was a victim of many racist remarks and even at one point of time when i was serving in the music ministry things were said to me which were so wrong even though they claim they said it jokingly. It really hurt me man. They were joking about my singing as i was really out of tune man...

At one stage i told God that u know if you really do love me show me what u have for me? I am your kid and i am being treated badly for being faithful down here and i just vented all my frustration to Him. I remember that night till to this day. Things started to change in a month amazingly God placed the gift of music and over that very same year my gifting grew to the point that i was leading worship in the main service . Looking back at the things which happened i really have to say that GOD loves me and He gave me a heart to hold on to Him.

Now after 11 years things have changed for better. I am no longer in Salvation Army i am currently in Charis Christian Church and i am the only black guy around in church and man i tell u i feel no difference between a Chinese and myself. I look at them like my own blood brothers and God has taught me to look through His eyes and to see His creation rather than my perception. Yeah God doesn't not see colour and neither should we....

It don't matter if you're black or white
It is all about the heights
You and me reach against the fight
Fight to be with the right

Skin is a matter of physical
If you can't see beneath that you ain't spiritual
Seeing from His eyes
Is like a designers cry

Cry of HIS heart
Which is made into art
We are all a part
part to fit it all

David Bala