GU - refreshing and met some really cool people from Vancouver, BC.
      Overwhelmed by the class EDU 260: Instructional Strategies
      Decided to try learning Hindi and Spanish together


      Bollywood night at my house: introduced a couple of people to Bollywood. We watched Hum Tum and had biriyani and kulfi.
      Valentines Day - I celebrated being single. I prayerfully made a list of what I am looking for in a husband.


      Deeper Walk - It was refreshing to see an Indian church that truly seemed to have it's priorities right. My negative prejudices towards Indian or Malayalee churches have changed. I met many godly people who are genuine.

      Greek Food - Thanks Beni and Tyna. I can understand how addictive a souvaki can be :)


      Migraines - I got one migraine from hell when driving. It was bad!
      Anxiety - Migraines are basically my body's way of telling me to slow down.


      Presentation after presentations in college - I suppose I should get used to it since I am going to be a teacher.

      Human Growth and Development - I chose a topic related to human sexuality. I did a paper and presentation on pornography's negative and destructive effects on a man's self-image, sexuality and relationships. During the presentation, I had 3 giggly classmates. Maybe an 18-year-old guy may feel uncomfortable about a woman talking about this subject. But then again, we're adults not 6th graders.


      Disappointed that the India trip didn't happen. I wanted to go to Africe but couldn't because I had to take summer school.
      Gave online matrimonials a shot. I dated a guy till September. I would not recommend shaadi.com. There were 2 other guys but nothing happened beyond phone conversations or a first-date of having coffee.


    * I started deeply questioning a few things.
    * Madras Trip - wakeboarding and camping


    * Oregon Christian Writers Fall Conference
    * New Ideas for my novel


    * A full load of classes. Linguistics
    * Eklavya - poetic and beautiful but what was the point of the melodrama? Well...its an Indian movie so nevermind.


    * My 24th birthday.
    * Thanks to Surya for baking the cake for me.


    * Wondered whether an arranged marriage would be a good idea - I respect others views but maybe not for me. I prefer a 'courtship' or a dating that focuses on friendship and marriage.


    * Christmas Parties, potlucks, and fun.
    * Looking forward to a new year.

Overall, this year has been tough for a couple of reasons. I am trying to make the best out of it. There is no point in moping in self-pity. I have become more active. I started swimming, walking, pilates and yoga. I have lost 30 ibs this year and dropped almost 2 clothing sizes. I learned to let go of a few things. Somethings are better in God's hands instead of my own. To my readers and friends, have a good New Year!

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