So I got some resolutions for 2008. These are the rough drafts by the way so they are subject to addition but not so much to change. There are also in no particular order.

1. Get Married - So Mom's fasting has paid off. I've been digging celibacy for now but I'm curious to know what else is out there. What is marriage like? I have set my eyes for a woman of God and not just a Christian woman. There is a huge difference! Where is that woman of God who is meant to be Bilma? WHERE ARE YOU?

2. Spend More time with Mom - She gets to cooped up in the house. I need to take her out more and spend more quality time with her.

3. Spend more time in spiritual disciplines focusing on personal ministry. I've done more home visitation and spending time with people in 2007 to the point of exhaustion and even burn out. I need to get poured into once in awhile as well. It helps me get perspective, life and balance. This will take the form of praying for me, digging into more Word, and cleaning my heart more often in confession first.

4. Avoid Passivity - I heard an awesome sermon by Chuck Swindoll who talked about men needing to rise up in the church. He talked about how easy it is to just be lazy and I despise laziness and get irritable around lazy people. I love momentum!

5. Think Bigger! I feel like I just so limit God. I was talking to a man of God who loves to pick my brain. He noticed how that I just look at all the barriers to his awesome ideas. I never realized it until he pointed it out to me. Excuses will lead to a passive life and not an active one. Give me the active one okay.

6. New Wardrobe - I met a lovely woman of God (who's married) whom I just seemed to totally connect with. She was thinking of me and thought of taking my wardrobe to the next level. I'm a tacky dresser and put on almost anything without wondering if it looks good. To be honest, I'm more the comfort seeker when it comes to cloths and hate shopping and putting stuff on and off. Luckily my friend has got killer style and is willing to help out.

7. Practice Guitar more - I've been playing in a box for years and not progressing. I seemed to have gotten inspired by some great guitar playing in 2007 and went to try new stuff. I want to get a new guitar this year and move into a new world of worship in it.

8. Get a Car - 2007 was not a great year for cars for me. I got cheated on the first one and than got hit in the second one and who knows what will happen next. This is a real challenge when with barrel prices so far.

9. Edit Blogs - To be quite honest, I don't know how you put up reading this stuff. I see typo's, spelling errors, syntax issues, incoherency and more. It makes my skin crawl. It reminds me of reading some of the South Indian books a friend gave. They're the only people I know who spell Philadelphia with an 'F' (Filidelphia). Maybe it is just cultural?

10. Keep in shape - I did pretty good with this later in 2007. I love the jogs and prayer walks and now lifting the barbells. It makes such a difference. I feel so much clarity, energy and stamina.

There is more and I'll let you know later... Now is sleepy time!

Mr. Bilson