Google has entered into the online dating/relationships biz.

According to the Google Romance homepage, finding a soulmate is a search problem! They make everything a search problem and their algorithms offer the perfect solutions for all those problems.

Sadly what they do not get is this -"how many profile you search through and how quickly" matters very little in finding soulmates. A larger pool to fish from and how quickly you can hook a fish is a very poor indicator for building strong relationships.

Finding the right person is much bigger problem than writing a perfect search algorithm. Heart issues can never be reduced to formulas. Finding Mr. Right or Ms. Right often takes precedence over being the right person. Our culture has got it upside down like many other things. If you need a princess, you got to be a prince (charming)! It is easier to look for the world in our partners and not be willing to be what it takes to have such a partner.

Google is more interested in business than helping build lifelong committed relationships. Online romance is a big market. With repeated browsing and growing single population…they really want to sell advertisements. All their competitors are in this market and they cannot ignore it anymore.

In the last couple of years, online matrimonial and dating sites have become increasingly popular with the Indian community and particularly the Coconut Generation. I personally know many who found their spouses on the Internet and are happily married. But, dangers of online relationship is beginning to show up. Lately we are seeing an increasing level of troubles in net-initiated marriages.

What this generation is getting good at is building relationship with masks – under pseudo names/identities. They are good at juggling many identities and the Internet provides a great tool to do it more efficiently. Virtuality of the internet keeps us from building real relationships.

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