1. We were at my cousin's house today and the adults were having this conversation about the past and people who've died and what not. And I heard about individuals I guess you could say my forefathers (sounds weird to say that), who came to America back in the 60's on ships. That's right! Ships!! I was so amazed--I've only read about that in books or heard about the immigrants from Europe who landed on ships and missionaries who traveled to places on ships and all of that and somehow it never occurred to me that Malayalees and South Asians back in the day must also have come on ships. Wow!

2. And that wasn't the most amazing thing I found out today... I also learned something about my Ammachi (my mom's mom who is staying with us). We got into the car to leave and she muttered something in Malayalam about God keeping her safe all through her life from the time she fell into a well until today. And I was like, whoa--back up the boat here--fell into a well??!! And so I asked her and my mom about it. So apparently when my Ammachi was around 7 years old, she fell into a well while she was attempting to draw water out. It was after dusk and the well was quite deep so she wasn't expected to survive. Some of my great great uncles went down to find her thinking they would only find a body and there she was... she had fallen into the water, sunk all the way down, and then floated back up and managed to grab onto something on the side and keep herself afloat. She says that angels protected her. I'll say!! Wow!

3. I'll end here with this funky poem Niki wrote. The watchnight service on New Year's Eve got a bit boring at times. Between the lady that went on about all the cars she totaled over the last year and the kid dangerously walking around with a nearly 3 ft. high stack of communion cups, I guess she found the time to scribble this down.

a nice thick watch
and a heavy chain
add blue jeans
and her look is made

dark stained nails
and a silver ring
as you can see
she likes her bling

always wears black
and metallic glasses
at twenty-three
looks twelve and passes

hair pin straight
and always down
how much she eats
gains not a pound
her name is beni

the second is grace
it brings me great joy
to laugh in her face

by Nikita Ann Joy
That's all for now folks!

Benita Joy