I wanted to write about this for a long time but struggled coz i was worried whether ppl would think that i am boastful but anyways i just want to honour and glorify Him.

As many of u would know by now that i am leaving SPH and joining SP as a lecturer from 1st march 2008. I remember my second interview which i attended for the job is a teaching session. I had to teach for 20 minutes and at the end the board members would asses me..

On that very day i entered i saw like 20 ppl in the meeting room. I was a trainer before so crowd is not a scary thing for me. I went in that room i took a huge breath i thanked God while i was preparing the laptop and i said a quick prayer and started my teaching...

At the end of the 20 minutes even before i could finish my lesson the Principal stood and walked towards me and i was like "oh nooo...." he came to me shook my hand and said "I have attempted learning programming before but no one ever though me so simple as you have taught me with real life examples. you know for that reason alone you are employed. I don't have to see your papers or where were u working before. All that matters now is I have the best lecturer whom i have ever heard. Welcome on Board"

I was amazed at what he said man.. God's favour is really on me... God has put me through things in my life which were absolutely tough that includes sleeping in a bus stop for three days. all the things He has brough me through has made me a better person and i am enjoying the rewards of it..

To you guys who are reading my blog. I just want you to know that what ever you are going through right now God is putting it in your life so as to prepare you for your future in His will.. Last but not least just remember GOD LOVES YOU

David Bala