Lakshmi and Me.

Films are not just about ’song-and-dance’ routine. There’s more to Indian cinema than what meets the eye. Take, Lakshmi and me - a documentary film about a domestic helper. The film follows the life of 20 year old Lakshmi - her routine, her family, her life, her romance etc.

The film essays the relationship between Nishtha Jain (a Mumbai based documentary filmmaker and her domestic helper). I can’t wait to watch this movie. Meanwhile, I gathered some info about the film.

Synopsis ( Excerpts from

Nishtha begins making a film with Lakshmi…As the filmmaker is drawn deeper into Lakshmi’s life she is forced to look at aspects of her own self as well and to question many of the things she takes for granted.

Kalpana Sharma in her column The other half (The Sunday Magazine, The Hindu, Dec 30, 2007) writes, “Films like Lakshmi and me open our eyes to the plight of people who hold up our homes”.

“Films like this ought to be shown on prime time television”

” As a society, we are becoming increasingly blind and indifferent to the existence of people who hold up our homes, our lives, our cities. Such films should help open our eyes and our minds”


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