I just hate good byes. I had to do another one today. Pastor Jaz Singh is off to national head office for our denomination. He is on to bigger and greater work for the kingdom. He is a dear friend of mine and offered allot of support, comfort and encouragement during very hard times.

I still remember meeting him at Delta Church many moons ago. He came on as a counsellor and later as the youth pastor. He pioneered an awesome vision called No Boundaries now called One Life! This little vision started growing from 100's to 200's to 300's and even 400's! He's another visionary, inspiring leader who will make an impact of Biblical proportions. He came from a Sikh background and has a vision of reaching and gathering nations. What is even more wondrous is that it is happening with this magnificent man of God. He's humble, gentle and focused and a real lover of Jesus.

The church set up a little good bye for him. I decided to join him and he shared an awesome sermon about obeying God. Later the church got together to send him off with blessings and prayers and even tears. Mine were included! I couldn't hold myself together.

The memories kept coming in of the times he invited me to his home for dinner and invited me to be apart of a boundless vision and than there was the times he'd allow me to lean on his shoulder and even cry on it. It happened again today. I was asking God why he brought such beautiful people in my life and why must they leave? I miss so many people. They seem to come and go and here we go again. I really long to be with these people forever and I just have to wait for heaven for it to happen.

Nonetheless, Pr J said that we will be working together. He's new position actually calls for it and I long to be apart of what God is doing in his life. So it isn't really good bye but farewell... I can go on and on about him but will just leave it for some other day. I'll just end by thanking God for such good friends. We don't deserve them....

"...the world was not worthy of them." (Hebrews 11:38a)

Mr. Bilson